Catering with Be SMART Cumbria

Be SMART Cumbria will help you achieve the best catering solution for your business or school. With over 30 years experience, our consultants ensure that your service provides you with legislative compliance, customer satisfaction and value for money.

Our professional consultants have many years experience in catering management and are at the forefront of catering within businesses and educational establishments. We guarantee to help you achieve a high standard, cost effective service with continuous support.

Be SMART Cumbria Catering Support

Below is an example of the kind of services we can provide your business or school.

Quality Assurance of Systems

  • Review, implement and monitor systems and procedures to ensure compliance with regard to Food Safety and Health and Safety legislation e.g. cleaning schedules, risk assessments, cooking practices.
  • Review, implement and monitor systems to monitor food waste.
  • Review cooking practices and best use of equipment, offer guidance on best practice and monitor outcomes.
  • Unlimited telephone advice during office hours.

Quality Assurance of Service Delivery

  • Review the customer journey, and identify shortfalls in service quality. Support you to address these shortfalls and monitor the outcomes.
  • Marketing and merchandising techniques to support your service and monitor the outcomes.
  • Support, advise and monitor menu development and nutritional guidance in compliance with legislation.
  • Review and advise on cooking practices, hot held and cold food storage and best uses of equipment offer guidance on best practice and monitor the outcomes.
  • Review, advice and monitor production levels, portion control and efficiency of service delivery, including monitoring of waste.
  • Unlimited telephone advice during office hours.

Catering Operating Budget Review

  • Review, advise and monitor catering structure and staffing levels.
  • Review, advise and monitor financial systems with the catering department.
  • Review, advise and monitor current operating budget.
  • Review advice and monitor stock control, menu costing and ordering systems.
  • Review, advice and monitor food and non-consumables procurement.


  • Full on site systems audit with written report.
  • Meeting key staff to discuss outcomes of audit report and offer advice on addressing any issues and non-compliance.

Additional Pay as You Use Service

  • Training needs analysis - review training offered to staff and undertake a skills audit advising on training required for compliance and best practice.
  • Review and advise on your policies associated to your catering service e.g. food safety policies; reheating policy, staff dress code, and use of local produce. Work with you to put policies in place.
  • Customer surveys.
  • Nutritional analysis with support from registered dietician.
  • Support with encouraging healthy packed lunches.
  • Governor and school staff support or training in regard to school food.
  • Support if you are considering taking your catering service in-house and would like guidance and support on how to proceed and points to consider.
  • Support if you are considering externalising your school catering service and would like advice on how to proceed, points to consider, help with your specification.
  • Development of cooks networking, sharing good practice, keeping up to date and in touch with others.
  • Support and advice on Recruitment, Selection and Appraisal
  • Support with achieving Food for Life Partnership Accreditation.
  • Support you in dealing with any issues identified by Enforcement Officers e.g. Environmental Health and Trading Standards Officers.

We can assure you of our continued loyalty, commitment and professionalism towards your business or school.